Abraham-Ibrahim, Abraham-Ibrahim, You will return as a Messiah, Almighty and Absolute Father Creator God Will shoot you down from your heaven As a bolt of lightning-fire.

Abraham-Ibrahim, Abraham-Ibrahim, You had hundreds of wives in the Middle East, Enough to populate the Western World after the flood.

I visited you in your private heaven, Where your multitude of wives influenced me, To ask to be re-created Here on Planet Earth.

Amen, Ameen, Shalom

My Younger Brother Elijah/Ilias

I saw you with a bow and arrow made out of The divinity of your angels, You shot it into the temple of Baal which Was full of male priests fornicating.

The temple collapsed and all were killed As verified by your disciples, Who inspected the ruins two-by-two, Holy, heterosexual married couples.

Your heritage will be known again Upon your return as Again to send Baal back down to his own hell, And kill again his male priests who worship idols of gold, In Paris, Rome, Frankfurt and Moscow.

You know the buildings of their wickednesses, And you shall tell whoever does ask you. If you do not like what I am speaking Then take up your issue with Almighty and Absolute Father Creator God.

Amen, Ameen, Shalom


As we all know Jesus Immanuel Christos was born from Mary, And as we all know John was born from Elizabeth, I am a fully redeemed Christian, and I worship and glorify the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Paraclete and Comforter. Her Name has to be known as APOCRYPHA, APOCRYPHA.

It might have taken two millenia for this supreme truth to be told. Yet that is the incredible wise love She has for Her incarnations, And I must tell you all that She has loved me compassionately as well, Also She will provide for everyone else if you do recognize Her.

Although I have never seen Her in real-life, She affects me every day and all night as well. Almighty and Supreme Mother Incarnator Goddess Is the infinitely, immaculate one. APOCRYPHA is what She is called APOCRYPHA.

Blessed Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon you)

There was blessed Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon you) Prostrating in your stone hut, When all the time the grave of Adam Was nearby in your town of Mecca.

Please, oh please, do not try to exhume him Because you will face the heavenly almightyness of ALLAH.

After blessed Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon you) Quelled the infidels, The Caliphs tried to follow you loyally, Yet still there are more atheists. If you do not want to get eaten in hell Kindly become a spiritual human being.

Ameen, Amen, Shalom


Moses-Musa, Moses-Musa When you were on the peak of Mount Sinai And you were kneeling in the ancient Jewish position, Adonai Yahweh spoke to you clearly and strongly.

You leant forward and placed your palms On your prayer mat and that was your Muslim prostration.

Moses-Musa, Moses-Musa Moses-Musa, Moses-Musa

This Bush was burning all of this time While you were in adoration of Adonai, Yahweh Who is also ALLAH. Different Names, yet one Person is our Almighty and Absolute Father Creator God.

Shalom, Ameen, Amen

St John the Baptist - Prophet Yahya

When Jesus Emmanuel Christos was standing in prayer in his wilderness You were baptising Gentiles in the River Jordan. ELOI fed Jesus Emmanuel Christos with living water Whilst you had a feast of honey and locusts.

As Jesus Emmanuel Christos prayed for his destiny to be revealed to him You were preaching to Jews a Messiah is here. ELOI loved you and him more than any of His prophets, And He drew you and him together over forty days and forty nights.

He revealed to His son Jesus Emmanuel Christos, his cross and resurrection, And He willed Jesus Emmanuel Christos to reveal to you, His son, Your destiny of becoming beheaded at the hands of the sinful ones. Together Jesus Emmanuel Christos and yourself began the Churches.

You and he gathered the Gentiles into an outdoor Christian Church. Yet remember that you were the humblest one, And Jesus Emmanuel Christos went onto Calvary and his ascension, Yet you became the heavenly hermit in your own heavenly hermitage.

- Blessings