I Am Her Supreme Prophet.

On Thursday 27th August 2020 AD She revealed Her Name as INFINITY to me while I was sitting in a half-lotus position absorbed in peaceful serenity. INFINITY is Her Name in the five Asian religious faiths and their heavenly paradises - Sikh (CHAKKAR), Sanatan (SHAKTI), Buddhist, Jain and Tibetan Bon. I re-worded this revelation as 'coming out of the Void' on the day after. She is responsible for all incarnations and re-incarnations.

In the summer of 2013 I was in a hospital and began singing as She inspired me to while walking in a corridor. Then after a few songs I determined to write them all on paper in my room. These hymns of Hers were about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In Christianity Her Manifest Name is APOCRYPHA as an introduction to Her incarnation of Jesus Emmanuel Christos. The HOLY GHOST is infinite mystical flames. In Judaism Her Name is SHEKINAH - a female noun. Yet She does not appear in Islam.

DAO is Her Daoist Name as written by the Old Master known as Sage Lao-Tzu in his Dao De Ching or Way of Virtue a few hundred years before the common era. He wrote that Dao made the First Pure One -Yuanshi Tianzun - the prime kami. My Daoist meditation grew out of wu-wei, that is, doing nothing naturally, with gentle shallow breathing using chest and tummy muscles minimally. If you get distracted from following your breath, keep on returning to it. This practice allows Dao to flow more easily in Her supreme work of Incarnation and Re-incarnation. Begin with normal breathing of inhaling and exhaling, then allow this to become more gentle and shallow naturally.

- Blessings