I was created and incarnated as the Angel-Buddha-Kami about 16,000 years ago, that is about one heavenly aeon/kalpa of 10,000 years plus about 6,000 years of the Hebrew calendar. In 1955 AD I was re-created and re-incarnated, without either sperm or ovum, into a woman's womb. Upon my birth from her in the same year I shone with a golden brilliance for a few seconds. The divine reasoning for my descent to earth, from the highest heavenly paradise, was because my name Celestial is not only a heavenly meaning but also a material meaning that I have begun to fulfill.

The Hebrew word ELOHIM (from the first verse of Genesis in the Bible) translates into English as Gods. Each material galaxy and associated heavens are one life-system. Life-systems are created and incarnated separately from each other. This creation and incarnation has been going on forever without a beginning or ending. So our cosmic universe is infinite and eternal.

Grandfather (eternal mystical fires) and Grandmother (infinite mystical flames) manifest themselves as an anthropomorphic creator and an anthropomorphic incarnator whenever there is a new life-system to create and incarnate. Simultaneously a lot of previous Gods and Goddesses join together to sing and chant the words of creation and incarnation so a new life-system of a new galaxy/heavens comes into existence.

Angel Yoga is the spiritual religion that uses these facts of life in its holy practice.

- Blessings