The Identical Person In Twelve Religious Faiths

Starting with Christianity, His Name in the Old Testament is JEHOVAH. His Name in the New Testament in St Mark's gospel account of the crucifixion is when Jesus Emmanuel Christ cries out his Father's Name of ELOI and then he is ready to be resurrected. As a Jew I recognize the sanctity of the beginning of the book of Genesis in the Torah where Prophet Moses Musa is inspired to write that His Name is ELOHIM.

Regarding Islam, God is ALLAH who is not Almighty Father as Archangel Gabriel Jibril eloquently told Blessed Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) to pass His Koran to the Muslim Umma. Parsees understand His Name as AHURA MAZDA according to the words of the Zoroastrian Prophet Zarathustra

The Prophet Baha'u'llah of the Baha'i religious faith reached his Illumination through contemplating His Title-Name 'O GLORY OF THE ALL-GLORIOUS' and visualising a white nine-pointed star. His Name in the Rastafari religious faith is JAH. When the Rastas give up their intoxicating weed then they will progress into the adoring worship of JAH. Prophet David wrote JAH in the opening verses of Psalm 68. The founder of the Sikh religious faith, Guru Nanak, said His Title is 'Waheguru' or 'Lord'. Yet I think that he was given His Sikh Name KHANDA by the True Guru before he ascended to the Sikh heaven from his deathbed.

The Upanishads' scriptures contain the Vedanta Name of Him as BRAHMAN. BRAHMAN is eternal mystical fires. Although as this cannot be attributed to any one individual the Name was probably an inspiration to several of the authors. ISHVARA is His Name as a manifest Person with qualities and attributes.

TAI is His Daoist Name as It comes from Tai Chi meaning TAI's spirituality. Also It is the first hexagram, 'the Creative', in the I Ching book of changes. Master Kong, Confucius, worshipped heaven or TIAN in Chinese. HIS manifest Name is YONGHENG or ETERNITY.

In the Shinto religious faith 'the Creative principle permeating all life' is 'MUSUBI' as His Japanese manifest Name is EIEN or ETERNITY.

Manifest means the anthropomorphic Person that is manifested by the Eternal Mystical Fire that can be called Grandfather. Grandfather's Name varies among the religions with some faiths not expressing His eternity and only expressing His anthropomorphic reality. Islamic Muslims will have to use a new word - Ibn Arabi suggested Absolute Allah. A feminine equivalent applies to Almighty Mother and Grandmother with the Infinite Mystical Flames.

These two Confucian and Shinto revelations came to me while I was visualising Her infinite pale gold flame.

- Blessings